Les Infidèles

Address: 771 Rachel
Website: http://www.lesinfideles.ca

This is a great little plateau BYOB. The menu is pretty classical french bistro with many standards on the menu (confit de canard, sweetbreads, etc.). On our recent visit, three of us started with an excellent plate of smoked fish – standard salmon accompanied by some excellent trout – both cold and hot smoked. For a main, I forewent my usual duck and tried the halibut special which was very good – done with a simple sauce accented with a few small tasty shrimp. The other mains (a filet mignon and rack of lamb) were similarly nicely done. Overall, although I wasn’t totally blown away, I’d rate it as quite good and worth a return visit.
Price: Not unreasonable – $30/40 a head before tax/tip
Beer: Blanche de Chambly in the big bottle


Sans Menu

Address: 3417 Notre Dame W.
Phone: 514-933-4782
Reviews: None

Sans Menu is a great little St. Henri bistro. It is a small operation – no more than about 12 tables and, although you’ll be hard pressed to find a review online, it has an excellent reputation for good quality at a reasonable price. The emphasis is on simple French bistro meals. As per the resto’s name, there are no printed menus – the menu du jour, written on a small chalkboard, usually gets propped up on a chair next to your table. I’ve enjoyed the confit de canard here a few times, and the last time had some excellent monkfish. Not quite the experience as better known places like Lemeac, but I’ve never had a bad meal here.
Price: Moderate $200 for four with beer/wine included
Beer: Warsteiner

Pizza Mia

Address: Atwater Market
Phone: (514) 935-0333

OK, time to start blogging again. Lunch today at Pizza Mia in the Atwater market. Quite simply, they make some of the best pizzas in Montreal. They’ve got a light but solid crust and the topping combinations, particularly for the square pizzas, are fantastic. The calabrese and arugula square is unbeatable. The only hitch- the are open market hours and no delivery.

Price: Cheap. $7.50 for a square and a pop
Beer: Boylan Root Beer goes great with the ‘za

La Colombe

Address: 554 Duluth E.
Phone: 514-849-8844
Reviews: montrealfood.com, Martiniboys

We had a business dinner here a few weeks ago. The atmosphere of this resto is quite nice – although it is a small place, it feels large. Everything on the menu here seems to have a bit of a sweet touch to it. No matter whether its the poisson du jour or something a little more meaty, the sauce for each had a sweet touch – a little maple here, a bit of caramelized sugar there. Overall it was reasonably good, but having eaten at Le P’tit Plateau the week prior, it seemed to be lacking just a little something. Probably worth a return visit, although not obviously so.
Price: $220 for four including tax and tip.
Beer: La Montagnaise (Brasseur La Tour a Bieres)

Le P’tit Plateau

Address: 330 Marie-Anne E.
Phone: 514-282-6342
Reviews: Amazingly, there are none that I can find

Le P’tit Plateau is a Montreal BYOB institution. They’ve been serving great food in a great atmosphere for eons. A recent visitor from Germany was in town and wanted a taste of the local cuisine. P’tit Plateu didn’t let him down. I had a great confit du canard while our visitor had the fois gras follwed by some great venison. As usual, everyone left satisified. About the only bad thing you can say about the place is that they only have two seating times for dinner – 6:30 and 8:30. If you get the early seating, you have to be out before the next crowd and if that doesn’t work for you you’re out of luck. But its a small price to pay. It’s probably the best BYOB in the city.
Price: Usually $50-60 a head after tax and tip
Beer: Blanche de Chambly

Café Ferreira

Address: 1446 Peel
Phone: 514-848-0988
Website: http://www.ferreiracafe.com
Reviews: MontrealFood.com, MartiniBoys

Ferreira is one of the best Portuguese restaurants in the city. Its renown for its great food and service. On a recent visit (on someone else’s generous tab), we started with a mixed plate appetizer to share. This was a great way to start for those who can never make up their mind, with a delicious selection of sardines, octupus, calmari and quail. The sardines, in particular, were a real hit – delicate and not overly fishy or oily. For main plates, Ferreira is famous for its porcini crusted black cod in port reduction. Two of my dining companions branched out and sampled a new black cod dish, served over a risotto. Good, although not quite living up to the legendary port reduction. My dish was the hit of the night – whole cooked Portuguese dorade. For a fish lover, this was an absolute delight – meaty yet light at the same time. The dessert didn’t quite stand up to the rest of the meal (the molten chocolate cake was slightly overdone) but was still very good. Overall, you won’t go wrong with Ferreira for a fine dining experience. Just be sure to bring your wallet.
Price: Expensive. With most main plates starting at $30, a bill of $80-$100 a head is easy to hit with tax, tip and a few drinks included.
Beer: Sagres – a light Portuguese lager.

Alex H

Address: 5862 Sherbrooke W.
Phone: 514-487-5444
Reviews: MontrealFood.Com

Alex H is a rare BYOB resto in NDG. From perusing the MontrealFood review, its obvious that this place has jumped around. It was a BYOB, then licenced, then not, then moved from Monkland to Sherbrooke. I had a business dinner here just recently, and this time I was the guest of honour. I was impressed walking in… the sign on the door said “Bring Your Own Beer” – gotta love a bistro that realizes that good beer can compliment a meal just as well as good wine. The food here is good. Not great, but good. The menu here is a partial table d’hote: you get a soup or salad with your main and can get an additional small appetizer for only a few dollars extra. I started with a small appetizer of escargots, followed by salad and magret de canard. I’ll give them good marks for the escargots. They came in a tomato/creme based sauce, not your usual garlic and butter. Overall the mix worked well. A smoked salmon appetizer also drew good reviews from the seat next to me. The salad was simple greens – nothing special, nothing awful. The magret de canard was reasonably good, done with a spiced cranberry sauce (little resemblance to what you find on the Thanksgiving Day table). The veggies accompanying the main were uninspiring – just some steamed carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. The desserts were well done – both the apple crumble and the chocolate cake were good. Overall, this is a moderately good resto. The setting is nice and the food is good, but nothing special. But you also aren’t overpaying – most meals were in the $20-25 dollar range with the salad/soup included.
Price: Moderate – probably $30 a head plus tax and tip assuming you have either an appy or dessert.
Beer: Blanche de Chambly in a big bottle